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Age Of Battles is a fantasy world full of exciting and powerful characters.

It is the first in a series of interconnected metaverse games created by Firebyte Games. The series will include multiple games with the same level of assets across the whole metaverse.


The core gameplay consists of real-time battles between two players,
with the objective of destroying the opponent’s castle towers.

Compete with players around the world in fast-paced PvP Real-Time Strategy game.

Earn rewards and NFTs from Battle Pass by winning matches and tournaments.


Collectibles and assets have different values based on rarities. Trade them on  Marketplace.


How to play
  • Pass the intro tutorial
  • Select your profile name
  • Battle with your first cards
  • Unlock new cards
  • Upgrade your cards
  • Unlock new Realms

Strategically deploy Units and cast Spells on the field that separates their Castles, using the Dynamic Spawn Area to their advantage while managing their limited Energy. The main objective is to advance in Rank on the PVP Ladder by earning Honour Points from victorious Battles, which unlocks new Realms, Units, Heroes, and Items.

Use the full power of the game by entering the Battle Pass, the only place from where you can find HEROEs and Items that can be converted intro NFTs. The Battle Pass is bounded to the Quest system and based on your activity you can have progression and open all the rewards. Connect your wallet to can mint what you've discovered.

Use our marketplace to earn real rewards of your game progression by Lending or Selling what you've discovered. Good luck!

Ovidiu Stegaru

Alexandru Bazu

Norbert Nagy

Alexandru Gombos

Marina Musetescu
Ovidiu Stegaru


Alexandru Bazu


Norbert Nagy

Art Director

Alexandru Gombos


Sebastian Sabo

Head of Game Design

Marina Musetescu

Lead TA

Q1 2023
  1. Age of Battles Soft Launch
  2. Wallet Integration
Q1 2023
  1. Age of Battles Soft Launch
  2. Wallet Integration
Q2 2023
  1. Age of Battles Open Beta
  2. Release the in-game Events
  3. Add three more discoverable arenas
Q3 2023


  1. Release the in-game Tournaments
  2. Release the in-game Alliance system to allow players to interact with each other cards
Q4 2023
  1. Release the city builder feature that will allow you to create your desired kingdom
  2. LiveOps